Celebrating EDIR at BOYNECLARKE and in the community

BOYNECLARKE recognizes the importance of fostering an environment where everyone feels accepted and included, encouraged, and respected. We believe that when our people feel empowered to offer their unique perspectives, we foster a workplace that inspires creative solutions and provides the best possible service to our clients.

BOYNECLARKE staff members celebrating African Heritage / Black History Month in 2023.

The EDIR Committee

Our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation Committee (“EDIR Committee”) was established in October 2020 to find ways to combat systemic racism and discrimination, promote diversity and inclusion, and advise the firm on avenues to make the most impact in our community.

EDIR Committee Commitments:

With the full support of our EDIR Committee, BOYNECLARKE is committed to building a workplace that promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation in the areas of:

  1. Internal Policies and Infrastructure: Ensuring equitable decision making, progressive workplace culture, inclusive approach to internal systems and policies to promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.
  2. Recruitment and Advancement: Recruiting diverse talent; ensuring employment equity; providing opportunities and mentoring people from under-represented communities.
  3. Education and Training: providing ongoing education and training everyone at BOYNECLARKE through lunch and learn sessions, specialized training and learning activities on respectful workplace, unconscious bias and other EDIR-related topics.
  4. Community Engagement and Support: recognizing and celebrating culturally significant dates, providing donations and sponsorships to community organizations, and supporting colleagues volunteering in the community.
EDIR Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of a diverse group of colleagues who are representative of our community and work in a variety of roles across the firm.  The committee is led by a Chair who reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

The Committee is made up of a group of representatives from across the firm. Members of the Committee include Lola (Agbaje-Williams) Williams-Afolabi (Chair), Emma R. Goulden, Sarah Noble, Bill Toulany, Justyne M. Leslie, Colin Dunphy, Emma WolfeParthun, Marc LeClair, Julia Wilson, and Kensa Harris . Our Resource persons are Owen Keeve, Payal Garodia, and Natalie J. Woodbury.

For more information about EDIR at BOYNECLARKE, please contact edir@boyneclarke.ca

EDIR events throughout 2022.

EDIR Committee members attending the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural SURGE Conference in 2023.


BOYNECLARKE is proud to be an Employer Partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI).