BOYNECLARKE LLP is committed to a cleaner, greener community. To work towards a more sustainable environment we have implemented the following Green Initiatives:

Metropolitan Place

We are located at 99 Wyse Road in Dartmouth, in the Metropolitan Place building. Metropolitan Place has received a Level 3 BOMA BEST award for the environmental performance and management of the building.

BOMA BEST (Building Environmental Standards) is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. It is a unique, voluntary, national program designed to assess environmental performance and management of existing buildings, offered by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) as a service to all commercial building owners and managers across Canada.

Metropolitan Place was also awarded the ENERGY STAR – 2018 award for Excellence in Green Building for existing structures.

We are proud to call Metropolitan Place our home!

Electricity Use

To keep our electricity usage low, our office has installed sensor lighting in all offices and meeting rooms so that the lights only come on when the rooms are occupied. Additionally, Metropolitan Place is programmed building-wide to have all of the lights go off every 2 hours nightly and on the weekends to conserve power use.

Recycling Programs

We have various recycling programs running in our office. All staff rooms and kitchens are equipped with organic, recyclable and refundable bins. Every desk has a paper recycling bin, and our Document Centre has a used alkaline battery recycle box. Since we have so many coffee lovers, we also have a personalized Tim Horton’s cup bin that gets dropped off to Tim Horton’s each week for the coffee cups to be recycled. We also have a ‘Free-cycle’ program where staff can drop items they no longer want/use and are free for the taking for others!

Supporting Green Initiatives

Each year, BOYNECLARKE LLP rounds up a team of employees to participate in the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission Spring Clean Up, taking time to make our community a cleaner, greener place. We are also a proud supporter of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

In addition, BOYNECLARKE LLP has a ‘Green Idea’ Employee Recognition Award, where each month staff can be nominated to receive an award for implementing one of the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink) in the office.

A few years ago, BOYNECLARKE LLP became involved with the Dalhousie University College of Sustainability Capstone Project, where students from the Capstone class provided a baseline environmental footprint assessment and recommendations to the firm on how to build on successes in becoming a more sustainable organization.

Since the report, BOYNECLARKE LLP has established a Green Committee to review and implement the recommendations made by the students.