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Accidents & Injuries

Occupiers Liability and Slip and Fall Injury Claims

The Occupiers Liability Act is put in place to protect anyone who has been injured on someone else’s property and to encourage property occupiers to keep their properties safe.  If someone has been injured on your property there can be expensive legal ramifications.  Our team can discuss the different safety provisions you can put in place, what deems your property “unsafe” in the eyes of the court and what a potential lawsuit could look like if someone was to be injured on your property.

Expert Reports

As an expert you may have questions and concerns about providing a report for the court.  What makes me classified to be an expert? What information is required in an expert report? How will my report shape the outcome of the case.  The Accident and Personal Injury team will help answer any questions you may have and help you understand what is required of you.

Accident Benefits & Section B

Section B Benefits are those that you are entitled to whether or not you were at fault in an accident.  These can be quite confusing, especially at an already sensitive time.  In order to understand what you are entitled to and how to access these benefits, our Accident and Personal Injury Team will break down the different types of benefits available, the process of receiving these benefits and all of the documentation that is required. They will break down the legal jargon and help minimize the stress of an already stressful situation.

Wills & Estates

Estates Planning

Creating an estate plan prepares and protects you and your loved ones in the future.  It ensures your assets are allocated properly, minimizes probated or tax implications and can help plan for your long term health needs.  An Estate lawyer will help you go over your will, power of attorney, personal directive and all other aspects of an estate plan.  Our Estate team can provide an overview of things to be aware of when you are without an estate plan and why you should consider creating one.

The Role & Responsibilities of an Executor

Choosing the person to be the executor of your will requires thoughtful consideration.  We will go over the role of executor and the duties that come along with the executor to help you decide who would be the best fit.

Adoption, Fertility & Surrogacy


Deciding to adopt can be an exciting time for a couple or family.  There are a number of different types of adoptions, each with their own process and policies and several legal documents that need to be filed. To help families understand all that is required, our Family Law team will go through each adoption, what legal work needs to be done and will help simplify the adoption process.

Fertility & Surrogacy

Same sex couples, couples who are facing fertility issues or single adults looking to start a family are turning to alternative reproductive techniques, in order to have a child or children. Legislation has been drafted to protect all parties involved in these situations, but the process and requirements can be difficult to understand. Our specialized team can speak to the current legislation, legal requirements and intricate details of the process helping to make a delicate situation more comprehensible.

Marriage, Separation & Divorce

Cohabitation Agreements & Marriage Contracts

Cohabitation agreements are pre nuptial agreements put in place to protect couples from any economic consequences should there be a dissolution of the relationship.  Couples may consider this when moving in together or before entering the marriage contract.  The marriage contract outlines how the couple will govern their relationship and can cover property arrangements, divorce, death and unexpected interruptions. The Family Law Team can discuss why these contracts are important, if you should sign and what should be included to help ensure every important detail is covered.

Divorce and Separation

The breakdown of a marriage can be an emotional and stressful time.  Our highly experienced Family Law Team can discuss the procedural process of divorce and separation and the types of discussions that will need to be had.  They can speak to custody agreements, parental access, division of property and assets, and child and spousal support. It is important to have all the necessary information when going through this difficult process and our team will help to answer any questions during a difficult time.

Real Estate

First Time Home Buying

During this exciting time, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a house or condominium for the first time.   Our team will discuss the steps to take, what to consider and what the process will look like.  We can connect clients with realtors, insurance brokers, and mortgage advisers who will help to navigate through the home buying process.


Cannabis in the Workplace

Legal Cannabis & Your Workplace: What Your Company Can Do To Prepare

Presentation Overview:

Make sure you have a policy

• Establish the priority of a safe workplace;
• Focus the standard on fitness to work;
• Make clear the consequences of non-compliance;
• Require disclosure of any addiction concerns and lay the groundwork for benefits and/or accommodation related to same;
• Provide for the responsibility of all employees to cooperate with the
implementation of policy;
• Set forth how employees needing information or answers to questions can get the information they need;
• Distinguish between necessary medical use of cannabis versus recreational use;

Business Operations


Smart decisions are made when there are good policies and procedures in place to ensure that the best information gets to the board. We regularly provide clients with practical and effective governance strategies tailored to the needs of the client.  Our lawyers will speak to the types of corporate structures, duties and liabilities, shareholders, securities and overall governance.

Commercial Litigation and Collection of Receivables

Our team is experienced in commercial disputes and can discuss the process that goes into tactfully resolving these issues outside of the courtroom.  Disputes can rise from negligence, contract disputes, and corporate and shareholder disputes.  We will speak to the process of collecting receivables and how to create an efficient system to prevent future delinquent accounts.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Our team of bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers are one of the most experienced in Eastern Canada.  Whether it is working with institutions and receivers in insolvency matters or advising distressed companies on how to restructure and make arrangements with creditors, our team can speak to both.


Risk Management

In order to avoid or minimize loss associated with the risks that arise from owning a business, every company should have risk management procedures and policies in place.  Our team can discuss the high risk areas for your business, risk management tools, strategies and tactics that can be catered towards your needs.

Arbitration and Mediation of Workplace disputes

Workplace disputes can be costly for both businesses and employees, leading to a decline in work performance and dissonance between management and employees.  Our Employment and Labour team believes that such disputes should be resolved outside of the courtroom and will discuss the benefits of arbitration and mediation for both the employer and employee.

Human Resources Tips

Our Employment and Labour team will discuss tips on how to hire, fire and manage performance in the workplace.   We will go over what took look for when hiring employees, what to consider, the legal requirements for termination and how to effectively manage workplace performance.

Occupational Health & Safety

It is important for both the employee and employer to understand the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We will discuss employee rights and employer responsibilities and discuss the consequences and potential charges they can face for failure to follow the act.


Construction Law

Construction projects can be complex and risky and therefore require a thorough understanding of the law.  Stakeholders have many obligations and regulations that they need to abide by in order to be protected from the law.  Our team will go over the basics of construction law and how to protect your company.

Builders’ Liens and Collecting on Unpaid Accounts

Builders’ Liens act as a provisional tool for contractors helping to protect against failure to receive payment.  They ensure you have a secured interest on the property you are working on and therefore it is important to understand when you are eligible, the timeframe to file.  We can address the importance of time frames, how to file, when to file and what you can expect from the legal system.

Delay Claims and Change Orders

Delay Claims and Change orders can cause massive disruption to a construction plan.  They can be quite costly and can lead to disputes between parties if not properly executed and discussed.  Our team can discuss what goes into a delay claim and change order and how to properly proceed.  They will discuss the legal and financial implications and what action can be taken should any negligence arise.

Technology & Intellectual Property

 Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL) is considered to be one of the toughest law of its kind around the world. It is crucial that it is thoroughly understood by business and organizations that use electronic forms of communicating and promoting products to customers.  The experienced lawyers can guide your organization through the legislation and the required steps you must take if you plan on using electronic means of communication.


Crowdfunding a project or venture is an appealing alternative to raising funds. It offers potential to business an opportunity that without which would never have the chance to succeed.  As lucrative as this may sound, this method of fundraising has its pitfalls.  We will go over what to expect, things to keep in mind and tips for success.  For anyone looking to crowdfund it is important to consider all of the information and possible ramifications.