Support Staff are key members of the BOYNECLARKE LLP Team

At a smaller firm, the client might have to wait to speak with a lawyer. Not so at BOYNECLARKE LLP. Adequate staffing and seamless service have become hallmarks at BOYNECLARKE LLP.

Supervised by partners, our articled clerks assist lawyers in a wide range of duties from legal research to conducting discoveries.

The Administrative Services Team takes care of all clerical and administrative duties, freeing up the paralegals and assistants to focus on our clients. The Administrative Services Team includes receptionists, accounting services, document centre services, management, information technology, marketing, and librarian services.

BOYNECLARKE LLP’s information systems enable us to provide whatever information you require. We produce and manage large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently. Our ProLaw case-management system puts all up-to-date client files — notes, dockets, accounting information, and event and task tracking  — at our staff’s fingertips, enabling us to instantly locate pertinent information.