Author: David S.R. Parker

Spring is in the air! Have you booked an appointment to have your tires changed yet?

When to make the change

According to experts at Transport Canada, the time to make the switch is when temperatures are consistently hovering around seven degrees.

This is because winter tires are made from a softer rubber compound that wears faster on warmer pavement, impacting the traction of those winter tires for the coming season.  Once you see that thermometer rising, it’s time to make the switch!

In Nova Scotia, winter tires are recommended but not mandatory. That said, studded tires are permitted to be used from October 15th to May 31st.


When do my tires become a liability?

If you don’t do your due diligence with tire upkeep, you could be found at fault should an accident occur!

With that said, let’s discuss what that look like.


Overall Tire Safety

Transport Canada recommends a practice of checking your tires regularly for wear and tear, not just when it’s time to change them! Making a habit of doing so could save you money, and possibly liability that is associated with tire failure.

Things to look for include:

Being mindful will benefit you, other motorists, pedestrians, and even the environment!


Other benefits of regular tire maintenance

Proper tire maintenance overall is key to your safety, however other benefits include:


In summary, staying organized and aware when it comes to tire maintenance is key to your responsibility as a driver!

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