Author: David S.R. Parker

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of the activities and routines in people’s daily lives. For those who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions or suffered other kinds of personal injuries, the pandemic has likely stood in the way of them visiting their healthcare providers for treatment. But not getting treatment—like physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, and massage therapy—may prevent these people from properly healing. Further, it may impact the strength and success of their legal case.

This means that if you have been injured, you should continue your treatments—even during the COVID-19 pandemic—to the extent that governments allow and to the extent that you are comfortable to do so.

Recently, governments have started to ease restrictions and, as a result, healthcare providers have started opening their doors for in-person treatments. We asked chiropractor Dr. Liam Ryan a few questions about the clinic Nova Physiotherapy and how it is operating during this time:

Q: What is your clinic doing to ensure its patients are getting treatments safely during the pandemic (e.g., PPE, hygiene procedures)?

We’ve completely revamped the flow of our clinic with patient safety in mind. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at our front desk and we have changed our appointment scheduling to eliminate patient crossover. All patients and practitioners are required to wear masks and practice proper hand hygiene. All patients and practitioners are screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the clinic. We are using Health Canada approved disinfectants to sterilize treatment rooms and high-contact areas after every patient. Safety, cleanliness, and excellence in patient care are our top priorities at Nova Physiotherapy.

Q: What treatments is your clinic offering (or not offering) currently?

We are currently offering in-person treatments for Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Custom Orthotic fittings. For virtual treatments, our Physiotherapists and Dietician are accepting new patients and offering follow up treatment plans.

Q: What feedback have patients been giving since your clinic has reopened?

Patients are grateful we are open again for in-person care because working from home has a lot of people feeling less than 100%. People are thankful for the extra precautions we have been taking at Nova Physiotherapy clinics. They have said they feel safe and at ease while receiving their treatments.

Q: Are virtual treatments (e.g., video, phone) still an option for those who may be unwilling or unable to come to your clinic in person?

Absolutely. Our Physiotherapists and Dietician are accepting new patients virtually and have been receiving excellent feedback about the online platform they’ve been using to deliver their care.

Q: What can, or should a patient do to prepare themselves before arriving at your clinic?

Patients should make sure they complete their COVID-19 screening, come to their appointments alone if possible, wear a mask, sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic, and practice social distancing.

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