From conflict, to loss of an important core relationship, to uncertainty over living arrangements, finances and children, to shame and shock, going through a divorce or separation is a stressful and emotionally difficult time. Support from friends and family can ease the stress and feelings of loneliness and lack of control. However, loved ones who don’t know how to help can sometimes disappear, creating a feeling of abandonment. It isn’t always obvious how to lend a hand.

The New York Times recently published an article providing helpful advice on what you can do to support someone going through a separation or divorce. Topping the list is lending an ear to listen, and checking in regularly, without offering advice or suggestions. Validating and allowing negative feelings can be very helpful to someone going through separation or divorce. Others appreciated offers may be for a place to live temporarily, carpooling kids, babysitting, helping with tasks the spouse used to do, and continued invites to parties.

A divorce, separation or any family law dispute can be an emotional, stressful and expensive process. Loans and financial support can ease temporary economic burdens. Remember, certain steps can keep legal costs down during the divorce process.

Support takes many different forms. Large and small gestures can have immeasurable impact. In navigating a complex, transformative process, guidance, support and assistance can help friends and family move to a new chapter.

At BOYNECLARKE, our experienced family law team recognizes your divorce or separation is a very stressful and emotional time in your life. Part of what we do is to give you back a sense of control over the process, and through our advice you may feel some relief that we are here to represent your interests.

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