BOYNECLARKE LLP’s Government Relations Law Team has considerable experience in assisting clients in navigating through the complexities of government policies and regulations. Our clients are companies in the oil, mining, fishing, media, real estate development and financial services sectors, as well as charitable foundations and non-profit organizations.

Senior Partner John A. Young, Q.C. served as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Because he has the “insider’s view” of government, he knows the limitations of government. He also knows efficient processes to engage, who to approach at which level of the municipal, provincial or federal government—when—and what to say, as well as the outcome that can reasonably be expected.

While governments operate within the rule of law, effective representation can influence policy change. There is nothing as persuasive as a good argument, argued well.

Strategic thinking is key in Government Relations. That includes knowing both the authority and the limitations of decision-makers at every level, being aware of the pressures they are under, and anticipating both direct and indirect consequences of a range of possible actions.

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Selected examples of our Government Relations work follows:

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