Our cities have experienced a disturbing increase in the number of pedestrians severely injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in the past few years. The causes are many and there is ongoing debate about the solution. Driver distraction, inattention, speeding, impairment combined with antiquated pedestrian crossing systems are likely part of the problem.

A pedestrian has little or no protection when crossing a street. If struck by a vehicle moving at even normal speed, the result is often severe and life-altering injuries. Severe, multiple fracture injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are the normal result of such high-force collisions between a person and a large heavy vehicle. 

Who is liable?

Determination of liability in pedestrian collisions is often contentious and difficult, particularly if the collision occurs outside the boundaries of a cross walk (marked or unmarked). Allegations of contributory negligence against the pedestrian (for failing to keep a proper lookout, distraction or to take care in crossing) are almost always raised by defendant drivers. Careful and thorough investigation into the circumstances to prove whether a driver’s negligence caused or contributed to the event is required.

How We Can Help

The personal injury lawyers at BOYNECLARKE LLP are experienced in representing pedestrians who have been injured by motor vehicles and the family members of those who sustain fatal injuries in such events.  Our goal is to obtain the best possible compensation for the losses suffered as a result of such an accident.

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