In matters that are important to you, such as those covered under family law, it is important to ensure you choose a lawyer that is right for you and meets your needs. Here are a few things you may want to take into consideration as you look for someone that is a good match for you.

1. Experience in Your Area of Law

The most important thing to start from is to ensure the lawyer has experience in your area of law. While the legal team you use when you sold your home was great, they may not have the skillset that is required to help you with an adoption.

2. Word of Mouth

Ask around to see if anyone knows anything about your selected firm or candidate. It’s always good to hear about someone else’s experience. If you can’t find someone, ask the prospective lawyer for a reference that you can contact.

3. Consideration of Special Needs

Do you have any needs that your legal team must meet, for instance, do you require them to have a local office, do their office hours meet your needs, or can they conduct matters in a second language that is more comforting to you.

4. First Impression

Once you have gathered your information continue to evaluate your prospective relationships during your first contact, whether that is email, telephone or in-person. Does this person understand your needs, treat you with respect and make you feel like they have your best interests in mind. If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, it is better to move along then risk a rocky road ahead.

5. Costs

Does the firm have fees that reflect your budget and needs? While every case is different, a lawyer should be able to give you a range of what a typical cohabitation agreement/will/divorce costs.