BOYNECLARKE LLP is pleased to announce Terrance G. Sheppard, Q.C. starts his one year term as the President of the Canadian Bar Association – Nova Scotia. This term comes after Terry was the association’s Treasurer in 2019 and the Vice-President in 2020.

Terry is a multifaceted lawyer with his practice being devoted to family law, criminal law and fertility law. Terry has a wide range of experience in dealing with criminal cases that vary from high profile murder cases to complex fraud issues to everyday motor vehicle charges. Terry is also a highly skilled and experienced family law lawyer with a practice ranging in issues relating to adoption, divorce, child support, parenting time and spousal support. Terry is also one of the few lawyers with extensive experience in fertility law in the Maritimes. Terry’s goal is to ensure that all clients receive first class service.

Terry brings a great deal of knowledge to the firm and will contribute the same devotion and compassion in this role as President at the Canadian Bar Association – Nova Scotia. Congratulations Terry.