Last year we announced Nola Hines, paralegal at BOYNECLARKE LLP, as our Team Myles Powered by Lifemark ambassador for the 2018 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon.  This year, we are proud to announce that Nola will be once again returning to Team Myles, with the honour of mentoring the Half Marathon team. 

When Nola applied for Team Myles in preparation for the 2018 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, she couldn’t have imagined the extraordinary impact this program would have on her life.  One year later, she is down 43 pounds and up 17 races, including two half marathons.

We caught up with Nola last year on how she felt about being a Team Myles participant.  You can read that article HERE.  This year we asked Nola the same questions about being a mentor.  Here’s what she told us:

What made you decide to come back to Team Myles as a Mentor?

I had such a good experience with the program from the mentors when I was an ambassador that I wanted a chance to give that feeling to someone else. The program and people involved lift you up so much with motivation and support I wanted to share it with others.

What are your goals?

This year my goal is to have my POD feel as great as I did when they cross the finish line of the ½ marathon. The Blue Nose will be one of four ½ marathons I have planned to complete this running season.

How are you feeling?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PUMPED and excited. I can’t wait to get started

We are so proud of Nola and her progress and determination.  We know she will be a fantastic mentor and look forward to following her along on this new journey.  

The 2019 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon will be taking place from June 6-9, 2019.  If you are interested in participating, registration is now openClick here to visit the official website.