A Nova Scotia chiropractor, Bill Smith, and his biomedical technology company, Neck Tronics Inc., claim to have invented a device capable of precisely measuring the range of motion of all movements in the neck as well as treating whiplash injuries.  Click Here to read CBC’s March 22, 2017 coverage.

Thus far, Neck Tronics Inc. is being purposely vague with the details of their device due to potential competition issues; however it may hit the market by Spring 2018.  Not surprisingly, the insurance industry has already shown great interest in the device; senior claims adjusters from two major insurers (unnamed in the article) have already met with Neck Tronic Inc. officials.  The notion that a whiplash injury could be precisely measured and quantified would be significant news to the insurance industry as well as personal injury lawyers and their clients.

Current diagnostic imaging (eg. X-ray, MRI, CT) can’t detect whiplash.  Rather, whiplash injuries are usually diagnosed following a combination of obtaining a patient history/list subjective complaints and a physical examination (including testing range of motion).  Because there are no completely objective tests to diagnose whiplash, those who suffer from whiplash injuries are not always believed.  Accurate quantification of the severity of whiplash injuries and the accompanying loss in range of motion may facilitate the settlement of personal injury claims and assist judges when determining the appropriate quantification of damages for an injury following a trial.

Neck Tronics Inc. also claims that their device is a pioneer in the treatment of whiplash injuries.  Those suffering from whiplash injuries are certain to welcome any improvements in the treatment of their condition.  Human testing will take place at the Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth and may begin as early as August 2017.

The National Research Council has already invested over $250,000 into the development of Neck Tronic Inc.’s prototype.  I, for one, will be eagerly following Neck Tronics Inc. and the release of its potentially game-changing whiplash device.