With our extensive experience in Military Law we help you navigate the military court system.

BOYNECLARKE LLP represents individuals in the Canadian military by assisting in the preparation and presentation of grievances, in administrative matters and through defending at courts martial. Our Military Law Team of lawyers has represented Canadians from the three branches of service across Canada as well as internationally in Germany, Belgium, and France. From our offices in Halifax – Dartmouth, we put our extensive experience in Military Law to work for you as we help you navigate the military court system. We will forcefully plead your case to ensure that your rights are respected and justice is served.

We represent grievors in matters including discharge separations (medical and otherwise), failure of promotions, unacceptable postings, and other forms of maltreatment by superiors. We act for clients in Standing Courts Martial (before a judge alone), Disciplinary Courts Martial (before three members, and a military judge to advise them), and General Courts Martial (before five members, and a military judge to advise them). We have represented clients at every level of court, including the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada.

David J. Bright, Q.C., has distinguished himself as one of the most accomplished civilian lawyers practicing Military Law in Canada. Before he joined the bar, between 1960 and 1967, Mr. Bright served as aircrew with the Fleet Air Arm in the Royal Canadian Navy. Between 1967 and 1972, he served as Instructor of Communications and Naval Control of Shipping Officer. As well, he served as a Reserve Forces Legal Officer. His many years of experience in the military has informed his Military Law practice since he began this area of specialization in 1974.

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