We take pride in the fact that Canada has the largest number of immigrants per capita in the world.

Because of Pier 21’s location at the Port of Halifax, our immigration lawyers have assisted many immigrants over the years, primarily business and professional immigrants and individuals reunifying with their families as well as students attending university in Halifax. We also assist US-based managers and other professionals in obtaining ready access under NAFTA.

We realize that immigration holds the key to Nova Scotia’s ability to maintain and grow its population base both now and in the future, and are committed to assisting individuals in their efforts to immigrate to Nova Scotia.

Our immigration lawyers have helped many individuals immigrate from various countries on five continents, and are sensitive to the issues that influence immigration officials’ decisions. From our offices in Halifax – Dartmouth, we assist clients early in the process by telling them what we believe are their chances of success. We will not take on a case if we believe it is unlikely that the individual will be accepted, although we will support that individual’s efforts to engage in the process on their own behalf.

Because of our lawyers’ deep experience with Immigration Law and Government Relations generally, we know how the bureaucracy works. Immigration offices process huge volumes of applications, so the ability to efficiently navigate one’s way through the system is key. We know when to check on the status of an applicant’s file, how to accelerate applications, and when to seek assistance from Members of Parliament or Cabinet Ministers.

When individuals from China, Lebanon, or other countries overseas are referred to us by friends or family, we assist them through e-mail and the Web, and meet them in person when they arrive in Nova Scotia. We instruct them how to fill out forms and where to deliver them, we notify and deal with the Embassy, and conduct any follow-up activities that are required.


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