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Thursday June 25, 2020

Saskatchewan Bill 205 – Changes for Surrogates and Intended Parents

Authored by: Terrance G. Sheppard Authored by: Kelsey J. Webb Posted in: Family Law
Bill 205 passed royal assent on March 16th. Although the Act is not yet in force, the changes led to some much-needed updates to Saskatchewan’s Children’s Law Act and fertility law.

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Wednesday August 17, 2016

What to Know if Chasing a Pokémon… or if you Want to Catch a Pokémon-Chaser in Your Yard

Authored by: Tracy S. Smith Posted in: Civil Law Criminal Law

Pokémon Go is the latest craze that kids, teens and adults alike are all crazy for. This post will provide general insight into the legalities of trespass so that players can be more informed about the dangers of wandering on to private property.

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